How to Setup Your COMFAST WiFi Extender

Setting Up Wireless Network Repeater Using WPS

Step 1 – Position the Comfast Repeater beside the Network Signal Access Point ( you can re position once synced)

Step 2 – Press and hold the WPS button on your home network (5 – 10 Seconds)

Step 3 – (Within 2 minutes) Press and hold the WPS button on the Comfast Repeater for 10 Seconds

Step 4 – Flashing blue lights on the WiFi signal will indicate the connection is being set up

Step 5 – Connect to the Comfast Network Repeater which will be named “Home Network”- PLUS

Step 6 – You will be required to create or enter the password for security purposes, only once.

Step 7 – Your WiFi Network Extender is set up, reposition as required.

Setting up Wireless Network Repeater using Simple Method

Step 1 – Connect to WiFi Signal COMFAST – XXXXXXX

Step 2 – Open the browser and type the IP address

Step 3 – Enter the default username and password – both are ADMIN

Step 4 – From a PC Select Repeater , smart phones won’t show this option

Step 5 – Repeater will scan for available signals

Step 6 – Select the signal you want to repeat

Step 7 – Enter the WiFi password of your wireless router

Step 8 – Wait 30 seconds while the repeater resets

Step 9 – Reconnect to the new wireless network and enter the password

Step 10 – You are all done – wireless signal should now be available after connecting. If not, hold down reset button for 30 seconds and start again.

Setting Up Access Point Instructions

Step 1 – Connect to Wireless Network COMFAST

Step 2 – Open your web browser and type in

Step 3 – Enter username admin and password admin

Step 4 – Select “AP”

Step 5 – Set your New Network Name, Encryption Type and a new password in the Key field as below, then select “Apply”

or if you have a 2G and 5G Access Point

Step 6 – Wait for device to reboot.

Step 7 – Connect to the new wireless network you’ve named with the password you’ve set.

Step 8. You should be online, enjoy.